Yesterday was a great day. I made the final table in Stud H/L and finally only lost in heads-up.

Day 4 results:

Event-10 Stud: 1. Da-Monkosia 2. manpochui 3. RUSLAN25059

Event-11 NLHE/PLO 1. Sonnya Jade 2. Asestratega 3. PsychoVas

Event-12: Stud H/L Turbo: 1. Sandtrap777 2. jon011 3. jukachaves07

I'm not gonna describe the tournament in details because there were lot of notable situations. Overall I just had it when opponents were putting their chips in. However, I couldn't make any hands against the eventual winner who often just checked behind a lot and I should have taken it to note while playing the last hand.

Hand of the day:

I just enter the final hand here so that people can see how WBCOOP tournaments are won. I got it in with 0% equity btw

Day 5 plans:

I'm playing the PL 5-Card Draw tournament which is my favourite format. So I definitely have high hopes for this.