Yesterday I played PL Omaha H/L 6-Max and had a rather deep run.


Day 3 results:

Event-07 NLHE 6-Max: 1. bortsov 1987 2. Schmitzer1 3. feliber

Event-08 NLHE: 1. Reypeon 2. DeWashington 3. Nautilus8888

Event-09 PLO H/L 6-Max: 1. BeceJlbluTy3 2. frosty012 3. DeWashington

As we can see Team pro frosty012 got a second place and one guy had two TOP-3 finishes! I started Omaha really bad and dropped to 1500 from 3000. Fortunately the structure was very deep and I managed to win some hands later on that doubled me up to 25000 at one point. But at the end of the tournament I started to realise that other players were playing much better than me and I was quite passive. As I don't consider myself a good Omaha H/L player, I kinda have to accept that. I also wasn't fully focused because of the Sunday Million Anniversary where I finished in TOP-1000 after 8 hours of play.

Hand of the day:

I shoved the turn with two pair and even after calls I surprisingly scooped the pot.

Day 4 plans:

I won't play the first Stud tournament, because I got sick of this game after yesterday's Weekly Round 2. I will also skip NLHE/PLO. So there's a really nice tournament Stud H/L Turbo. Yes, it's turbo, time to relax a bit after those other super deep events.