The first day of the WBCOOP featured three tournaments. I partcipated in Event-03 which was Limit Badugi.

Day 1 results:

Event-01 NLHE: 1. KrisisMan 2. edifice27 3. Sadakh

Event-02 PLO 6-Max: 1. arponirep 2. lenin_bc1 3. tigertonkin

Event-03 Badugi: 1. Henrique.P 2. kola512 3. Psixiatr

I had a fine start and managed to collect some chips thanks to a soft table. However, I quickly dropped back because of folding the best hand and calling drawing dead. Then the table saw two aggressive players enter who raised every hand in turns and I felt one of the three sit-out players in the tables. At some point I lost a big pot and decided to start taking more risks because the goal was only final table. I didn't manage to draw any badugis against the aggressors and it seemed like they had made a hand every time. In my last hand I was rather short and managed to get it in on the second draw with 53Ax, but the most aggressive player had already made a 10-badugi. I didn't draw out and exited in 90th place which was still ITM with 10 points and $5,50 ticket. Surprisingly Team Pokerstars Pro Henrique P. managed to win the event and take $162 SCOOP ticket.

Hand of the day:

I had a decent badugi and somehow thought I was good after he had only called after the first draw and stood pat. With checking I was hoping he could valuebet T and J badugis. So I called two bets on later streets and to my surprise he had the nuts. Well played by the opponent.

Day 2 plans:

Event-04 NLHE/PLO Turbo: I will skip this event, although this looks fun.

Event-05  NLHE Shootout: I will definitely not play this.

Event-06 8-Game: This will be my second tournament. Last time when I played 8-Game was the TCOOP 3x-turbo satellite where I went really deep but ended up in the worst bubble of my life when I finished 6th and saw 5 players getting $320 TCOOP ticket. The strategy is difficult to describe because there are 8 different games. I am probably trying to take advantage of limit games like Triple Draw and Omaha Hi/Lo and be more cautious with NL Hold'em and PL Omaha but if I get short I'll reverse it and try to double up in the big bet games.