Today the Pokerstars online series WBCOOP 2013 begins. The first event NLHE is already in process.

I've done a little research and created some statistics sheets. As I'm awlays used to, I am particularly interested in leaderboard. In 2012 the winner wilczybobek collected 295 points, which is 26,8 average per 11 eligible tournaments. TOP-10 also collected more than 200 points, which I consider a really tough result to beat. I can't imagine winning two tournaments (100 for one win) and getting to the top of the leaderboard without winning anything means reaching a final table almost every time.

I will also start tracking the results of top players who have collected the most points and try to keep up with them. Of course this becomes irrelevant after ending up with 0 points out of 5 tournaments. But that isn't the goal, is it?

I will be blogging about the events every day and the structure plan is to make a summary of previous day and discuss plans and strategy for the tournamets I would like to enter. My overall focus is to play mainly mixed games and smaller fields and less No Limit Holdem events.

Event-01: NLHE. I will skip this one.

Event-02: PL Omaha (6-Max). I will also skip this one, I might play Event-22 on March 8 which is exactly the same format.

Event-03: FL Badugi. This will be my first tournament in the series. I expect less players here because of the starting time and slightly unknown format. My best results in Badugi are the 19th place in last year's SCOOP-L and one tournament win in $5,10 PL Badugi (Hyper-Turbo). I will be playing rather tight in the first hour, opening with T-low badugis and 1-draws with 3-to-5 from early position only. Here are some links to read about Badugi.