Pokerstars is regularly running online festivals to keep the players happy and competitive. In January TCOOP was a great success that gave more than $24 millions in prize money.

Now it's March and the calendar is already full.

March 1-10 - WBCOOP 2013. This series is not all about playing, it includes blogging and tweeting as well. The leaderboard has sweet TOP-3 prizes but in addition the best blogger wins $5000, the best tweeter $1000 and the best female blogger $500. And of course players can win SCOOP tickets from every event.

March 3 - Sunday Million 7th Anniversary. On Sunday more than 30 000 people will take part in the massive $7 million guaranteed ($1M for the winner) tournament.  Before the tourney everyone can predict the number of entries and $22 MicroMillions Main Event ticekts are awarded to the closest 50 guesses.

March 14-25 MicroMillions 4. The marathon series returns and the leaderboard winner gets a trophy and SCOOP $5200 ticket. Places 2-10 are given $1050 ticket and TOP-100 are taking the $109 ticket. 

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