Some days ago Pokerstars announced WBCOOP 2013 schedule which is running from March 1-11. I haven't played this series before, but  I am excited to take part in it this year.

I have enjoyed playing in Pokerstars for several years and the result I am the most proud of happened in 2011. Back then I was playing 5-Card Draw regularly and after reading a lot about it I considered myself a decent player. Therefore I was having big hopes in the WCOOP $215 PL Draw event. I practiced my game and prepared a lot for this and at the start of the tournament I was feeling really confident. In real life, things always don't go like you want though. I was out after less than 60 minutes with a huge disappointment. Nothing just went my way: I rarely got a reasonable starting hand, my pairs were outdrawn by other players lower pairs and I barely improved to trips or better. I only once drew trip queens only to make a big laydown against the agression of two players who both drew 3. They ended up having AAA and KKK respectively. When I busted out, I was not interested in entering the next Hold'em event in WCOOP schedule. Before exiting I somehow noticed the WCOOP $109 PL Draw 2nd Chance event in the lobby and decided to register. I quickly doubled up vs regular and held the chip lead up to the final table. After being tight and cautious first, we finally reached to a 3-haned game where the second biggest stack of the table got his chips in post-draw with AAAxx. Unfortunately for him, I had drewn an ace-high flush and didn't waste any time to call him down. In the heads-up my opponent was a well known agressive (maybe even a little over-agressive) regular and he quickly started to 3bet and 4bet me light. I wasn't thrilled about it when he added more chips to his stack. I was still a chip leader with him being on 20-30 BBs when the following hand happened: I was dealt three aces (monster hand in HU) and my opponent made a 3x-raise on the button, I made a less than pot size 3bet and my opponent moved all-in. I snap-called and drew 2 to end up having AAAK3. To my relief he drew 3, which meant he had only 1,03% chance of beating my hand. He ended up making a two-pair with JJ99. Therefore I was given the first place with the title and $1620 cash. I was extremely happy to win a World Championships event, although there were no bracelets for the 2nd Chance. After 1,5 years 5-Card Draw is still my favourite game.

There are 31 events in this year's WBCOOP and bloggers are eligible for 10 of them. As you probably guessed I am most thrilled about Event #14 PL 5-Card Draw but I am also happy to play some other mixed games and of course the Main Event.