I've been playing online poker for about 3 years, mostly in Pokerstars. Last year I started to take the game more seriously by trying to develop my strategies, put up more volume and track my results.

In my career so far I've tried almost every format and all game types. This includes NL Hold'em SNG-s, MTT-s and heads-up. I have only been avoiding cash games, because I don't find them very interesting.

Since 2012 I've been taking part in most of the Pokerstars online tournament series (WCOOP, SCOOP, MicroMillions). I nearly missed out the TOP-10 in MicroMillions I leaderboard, but I had a great SCOOP last year where I ended up in TOP-20 in the L-section.

I am really looking forward to upcoming festivals and try my best to get a nice score in the leaderboard again.