Hi all, I have 21 years, and poker I started playing three years ago, when friends invited me to play home tournament at 10 euros. I started to read the sites various tactics and a week later, at the next small tournament win. Comes the second tournament after a couple of days, I conquered him. I heard from a partner to some of his friends are playing online, and I said to myself, it is time to earn money playing poker. I first started playing freerolls and pokerschool open skill league. As time went on more and more I liked texas holdem and so I paid $ 20 but I soon lost it all.  All this time and when I lose money I read books on poker, reading strategies on websites, but I've played poker very short and information have not had time to settle, the limits to which I have played several times exceeded the knowledge that I had.I started playing live tournaments, and again I lost, and then I tried the cash game again but I lost. After some time I won a tournament, so I earned about $ 100$ .According me is much better to play live tournaments than online.
Cordial greeting.