on the 11th of june i see there was a promotion freeroll with talksport and pokerstars to try and win a seat at the UKIPT Hippodrome casino so i registered for that day and ended up winning beating the other 356 players WOW i cannot tell you how great that felt i was buzzing but also a bit scared and nervous thinking about going there as i had only ever played with family and friends a few times and i didnt really even know nothing about poker then,now im going to be sitting at a table with these quality players and i wont know any one there.

I posted on the forum and got great advice from people and links on playing live which was really helpful so thanks to everyone who helped and id like to say a very big thankyou to profess awe as he said i could ask him anything else so i pm him and he gave me great advice so thank you sir.                                                     i was also advised to find and play a live game before i go,so my nephew told me that their is a club a bus ride away from me that has tourneys everyday so i looked them up and entered their lowest buying which was £20 plus £2 for the dealers bonus of extra 3000 chips so i started with 13000 anyway i was nervous and tried my best to hide it.  wow it was so much to take in and learn and try and play poker at the same time,i made a couple of errors but there was 37 players and i final tabled and finished 7th after getting 3 big hands beat so 2 places off a cash i was over the moon.                                                                                    Then came the day of my big game my nephew came with me to the casino i had never been in one before it was great.   I collected my ticket and we began playing at 2pm i started with 20000 the levels went up every 30 minutes,i was nervous at the start but the more the time went the better i felt i won a few hands i knocked out 3 players and got upto 49000 with the average at 33000 i was feeling good. we had a break then we started the last session for the day i was dealt AA utg blinds were 1000-500 i bet 3000 and everyone folded (gutted) then a few hands went by i had AJ i raised and got one call flop was 53A the player checked i bet 4000 he called the turn was an 8 he checked i bet  8000 he called the river was a ten he checked i bet 14000 he said allin (gulp) i knew i was in trouble there was allsorts going through my head i looked at my chips and see i had 24000 left i knew i was beat but made the call he had pocket fives and hit his set.so i lasted four and a half hours of play but lost 45 bb in one hand that i would of given up normally,a harsh lesson lol  up until that point i had played a good game i think and if i was in that situation playing online i would not of been in that position because i would of realized what was going on but hey ho it was a great experience and i will learn by my mistakes and will be trying to sat into septembers ukipt.     by the way the player was Ben Miller who knocked me out and he finished 5th overall and he was beat by the winner so that made me feel good somehow lol.  i have been back to my local tourney for another live game and finished 12th out of 54 after having my 99 meet AA. thanks for looking and thanks talksport and pokerstars for a great opportunity.                                                              jokerace68 (paul).