Hi i watched chris chewme1 video $4.50 180man (taking notes on regs) which has helped me with other things to take notes on players and tips to look for.

i always try and take notes on players but this video has opened my eyes so that i need to take notes alot more than i actually do seeing that the tourneys i play in i meet alot of the same players but i tend to only have one or two notes on some players but i need to be having alot more on them to get a better reading of their game.

not only did it help with note taking but also the way chris played his hands so it was like killing two birds with one stone,i wish i had more time to watch videos because you learn so much from them which can only help your game and hopefully make you a winning player.

im not to sure why we have all different colours to put on players as i have everybody on yellow but i guess their must be a video with some info on this so i l just have to keep looking unless someone could let me know which i would appreciate.

it was a shame we didnt get to see where chris finished in the tourney he was in but hopefully he got itm.

well thanks chris and thanks for reading my blog and i will try and make time to watch at least a video per week as i want to keep improving my game.