Hi my name is paul and before july of 2011 i had only ever played what i thought was poker with family on a few occasions then i found out my friend played online so i decided to join pokerstars and signed upto pso and what a great move that was,i have learnt so much from the forums (great bunch of helpful people) and videos from the trainers have helped me no end and will continue to help improve me as a poker player which is great and ive told everyone since who i know have joined pokerstars to make sure they make use of the help available to them. I qualified from the open league in september 2011 to the premier where iam now in my 7th month straight and cashed in each of the months i have been there which i am very proud and feel this is a big achievment since i have not been playing a year as yet so im over the moon. ive had health issues for the last couple of years which has given me the time to learn the stuff ive learnt on here and playing poker makes me happy and i love playing it. ive been called a noob recently which i didnt even know what it was and told i made a bad call by someone else which is fine...but i do not claim that i am a pro,i do try and learn by my mistakes and will always try and better myself in all walks of life as i have always done. i will make mistakes and bad calls but at the time i think its the right play to make so if that gives people the right to start trying to belittle me then that makes you quite sad. I have never done a blog in my life so probably not very good and quite boring lol. Also like to add ive met some great people on here and look forward to each day of playing them and chatting to them and trying to take their chips lol. well thankyou for reading this and goodluck at the tables.