I have studied the coarse over and over and still have failed it for the second time. To make the matter worse I got more wrong the second time....lol Back to the drawing board I am not sure if I am grasping the raise fold when they refer to being 4 handed. There doesn't seem to be any description in the coarse as far as the lingo being #handed to what phase of the tournament. Can someone explain the lingo being 4 handed 6 handed at a sit and go. Is this the number of callers or the number of players left in the tourney??? I am knew to the school thing but my game has improved 200%. so far. I was doing everything that the school says not to do. Unfortunately it cost me a few thousand. I wish I found this school prior to the many deposits I made. I also Do real well to get past the bubble and even get paid but Then I tighten up instead of being aggressive and when I finally get a CAT 1 hand, I loose to some Chit hand that a chip leader calls me with...why is this always happening?