So, after taking a few days away after suffering a deep bad run, I thought I would give things a go again. So the first hand I play and this happens.

Anyway, it was time to register for the prem league and I hadn't played for a few weeks so I thought lets give it a go. I was down to about 9bbs so I waited for a shove opportunity. I thought I'm not going to get a better opportunity than this.

Then I thought ok, last game. Surely it can't all be bad. I can't lose with aces twice in a row can I........ Well actually my mind was telling me, whats going to beat me this time???

OK, so maybe I shouldn't of played the A9, but when you can't win with aces... twice in a row, then what can you win with. Well I guess its a few more days away to try and win some packs of cards on hearthstone.


Good luck everyone, if anyone has any luck to spare, then please send some my way.

See you at the tables...... in a few days.