After having a good week, things go downhill fast. This always happens, varience is an evil woman just trying hard to bring you back to earth. 

Its been really difficult getting a run going. I play ultra tight but show the odd well placed bluff, building my stack gradually, picking my spots and stealing when I can, then you get a hand, raise to find a caller. You hit top two pair or a set and jam only for the villain to hit his gut shot on the river. When you are in this, it seems impossible the amount of bad beats that come. Anything from 10% to 2% seems to hit with alarming frequency. Your bankroll starts going down and there is no end in sight, so you log out and think when you come back, things will be better.

That just happened. It was just getting to the bubble, $2.20 deep stack, blinds 2000/1000 with a 30 BB stack. In the cut off with AQs. No action so I raise 3bbs. SB is a super aggro player so I'm not surprised to see him call and we are heads up to the flop which is Q j 4 rainbow. Short stack has me well covered and he shoves. I'm looking back over prev hands and this is a regular tactic from him... Always shoving light, so after a bit of trying to convince myself other wise, I find a call and see 5 6..... I'm thinking brilliant, a nice double up..... until turn 6 river 6...... I'm just looking at the screen stunned until the words 'bye bye' pop up.

Time to log off again for now and go shopping....... or I'll find myself shopping for a new laptop.


Good luck all, see you at the tables.