It had been such a long week for donkey, up and down the seafront day after day, carrying the screaming, crying and horrible children with their sticky hands and fingers. He had grown tired of all the pokes in the eyes and the kicks in the ribs as well as the incesant din that seemed to pound his ear drums. All that was to go away, if only for a few days for today was the weekend. Today was the day when he got to spend time with his weekend buddy Fish.

Fish had spent the whole week swimming against the current. He was tired as try as he might, he never seemed to get anywhere. He was trying to dodge the sharks that were relentless in their pursuit of him, his only saving grace was the fact that during the week, the sharks tended to focus their attentions on the whales. But today he was happy, today all the sharks were in the bigger waters, today was when all the fish came out of hiding, today was the weekend and the currents were not as strong.

Donkey was making his way to see his friend Fish, there were many hazards along the way, there were mines being set, many pairs of kids that spelt danger as well as the trip hazards but he had his mind set.. He was going to the river and the river was a straight road yet on the end of the straight was a house, was it full of sharks, or was their a boat in the river?? Not this time, he made it to the end of the straight road.

Fish was trying to swim his way to meet his friend Donkey. It was much easier swimming today, the current wasn't as strong and their weren't as many sharks about, apart from the junior sharks however Fish was a little too large for the junior sharks to tackle. Fish came to an inlet, he knew that the only way to get to donkey was to go all in, but he was at 6s and 7s, there was a pair of fish hooks trying to catch him out but fish decided to go for it. He went all in to the river where he hit the straight route to Donkey who was waiting for him at a table under the Stars.

Watch out for the weekend Fish and Donkeys,

Good luck all and see you at the tables.