So, it was great playing in the play money tournament on Twitch and getting to know people, gutted I got took out by Rossy 1 before the bubble however while playing that, I was deep in the hot $0.55, so my attention was all onto that. I made it to the final table then had a real scare. With 5 people left, I was down to just 1 big bling. Then followed the most amazing run of luck and great hands that got me heads up with a slight advantage. The villain called for a deal so we stopped the clock to discuss numbers. I figured I was on a good run and the offer was nowhere near what I wanted so I said no... lets play. 2 minutes later, I took it down for $246.92.

Not bad for 55cents. Everything is looking good right now. None of this would be possible without the lessons I've learned from the school... and a bit of luck.

Good luck all and see you at the tables.