I just can't seem to get a break. In the main, players are very tight in this league but I would say that about 25% are extremely loose and have a high reliance on luck.... and boy do they get lucky..... Kind of explains how they got there in the first place.  It is really difficult to get a good run going.

I was doing OK today, had doubled my stack up by playing ABC then that 2 hand bad luck sequence crushed me yet again. The first one, I'm in the small blind with AK suited. UTG+1 has limped and its folded round to me. I have around 30 bbs, I raise to 4 bbs and UTG+1 who is very loose and a calling station likes to enter and shove light. He calls my raise. Flop A 3 5 rainbow. I bet 7bbs and he jams. I know he likes to jam light so I think my top pair top kicker is usually good so I call to see 5 3. bottom 2 pair... great.... board runs out bricks. Next hand, I'm on the button with QQ and 8bbs left. UTG limps, it folds round to me and I jam. He calls and shows A 9 off... The board runs out giving him a full house.  Minus points again. Please help me John, where did I go wrong?? should I just of jammed on the first hand??? I don't really like doing that when having a decent stack or I'll find myself just getting the blinds on prem hands. I figured with premium hands I want action.... Just don't want them hitting... ha ha. 

Still, I'm making lots of notes on players in their different, colour coded boxes so each table is now resemling a Piccasso from his cubism period.