Having been a member of PSO for a few years, its only been in recent months that I have started to take things seriously. So last month, I decided that I would participate in the leagues properly. Last month I managed to just scrape enough points to see myself awarded a ticket to the premier league. I was super excited and couldn't wait to get started. I knew that the quality of player would be much better in the Prem, so I would have to be super vigilant, pick my spots and be patient. I have already been making notes on players with their styles and any reads I may have. The play is certainly much slower and the fact that my latest tourney ended just by getting past 25% busted out by 2 suspect hands K6 off and 10 8 off, the quality isn't quite what I expected.... Anyway, notes made and get ready for the next one.  

I now find myself in a position where I am hoping I can just do enough now to try and secure enough points to take me through to the masters league next month and hope that the new format will be better. To say my excited anticipation has been brought down to earth with a bump is an understatement. 

Still, I know this is only the 2nd day of the month and there is such a long way to go til the 31st. I'm sure there will be a few ups as well as the downs so onwards and upwards. In a way, I miss the extremes of the open skill league, but I don't want to play them with nothing to gain as playing different speed and format games at the same time is not a good idea for me. I tend to stick to a similar speed and format game when multitabling as I find that helps me concentrate better.

Anyways, I will keep writing about my month and hopefully it will end with success and a few more lessons learned.

Good luck everyone and see you at the tables.