Having again hit a period where bad beats seem to hit more than normal, I decided to have a look back at previous results and stats, I have come to the conclusion that this time of the month (probably coinciding with payday) is the time when the gamblers have been paid and can afford to try their luck again. Now this should be the time where I should be able to capitalise on poor play, but getting your chips in good with an 80%+ chance, inevitably you are going to lose 1 in 5... Tie that in with the fact that these players often get lucky runs and have a monster stack coupled with their only move being all in, it means I get busted out while being a massive favourite.


For me, this period always lasts about a week then the more profitable run then comes back for about 3 plus weeks.  Does anyone else notice this monthly downturn, or is it just me???

Interesting to hear other peoples experiences regarding variance.