As we all know, poker is severely up and down. After things picking up of late and going back into the black, the ****le swing of poker flies back the other way.

Three bubbles today, each as painful as the last.

1st one, I'm in the BB with pocket 7s, no action but button min raises. I decide to flat call and see the flop. 7 3 2 raindow. Yeah, I have the nuts so I decide to check. Button who just has me covered shoves. I have to call even though I'm worried of a straight. Show down and he has pocket 2's. Great I think...... Until the river. Yep, he hit his one out.

2nd bubble. I'm in the SB with AA. Fold to cut off who shoves his 12 BB. The BB has 30 BB, so I shove my 25 as I don't want him coming along.... Sadly he calls and shows KQ off. Villain 1 has A 4 off. The board finishes by giving the big stack a flush. At this point, the computer nearly went through the window.

3rd Bubble, I'm in BB and have Ah Ks, no action until SB, he 3x raises and I see it as an attempted steal, so I 2.5x re-raise and he flat calls. Flop, A 7 3, all spades. Top pair, top kicker and nut flush draw. Gotta be good. We both have around 30 BBs though he just has me covered. To my surprise, he shoves.... Lots and lots of things going through my mind, I'm trying to make myself fold, but I just know I'm ahead. I decide to call. He shows AJ hearts, I'm thinking finally, til turn is Jd and river is a brick.

Now I know that there is value in folding to get past the bubble, but on all these occasions, I was so far ahead, I just couldn't find a fold. Its so frustrating how many times the correct call gets punished, especially when you have been playing for a number of hours only to get it taken away at the final moment.


Anyway, it can't all be down, right???