What are other peoples opinions about Beat the Clock, I played 10 in a row and on every single one, I got busted out with the best hand. To me, it is just a pure luck game. I believe it is impossible to even make the full 5 mins without being 100% lucky. Also, I feel the amount of HUGE hands on a 4 hand format are a little too common. Lots of pairs against overpairs and AK AQ etc. I'm not suggesting anything sinister as the hands come thick and fast, I just think it is just a lottery.

Also, to Ovalman regarding my last post, I know you will read this and my last post was banned so I couldn't reply. You suggested my my $7 tourney average was too high. Let me explain. I NEVER pay full price for a tourney. I ALWAYS go for the cheaper qualifiers via hyper turbo 2 from 16. I get through these 50% of the time. I have qualified for Sun Mil a few times also from stars coin so that will also take my average up. You always have some form of criticism about peoples games without knowing the facts. Please stop this and concentrate on your own game.