Well today has been yet again traumatic, having gotten deep into a MTT I find myself with pocket 10's, in mid position I raise to 4BB, every one folds to the BB who flat calls my raise. The flop comes 10h 7h 3s. I check and BB raises all in, I have him covered 2 to 1 in stack size so call. He turns over pocket 5's, and I think I'm good. Turn and river come both hearts, giving him a flush.  Couple of hands later I'm in the BB with KK, 2 people limp so I shove all in, small blind calls with A 6 and hits her A. Then the very next hand, I'm in SB with AKs UTG 3 limps, everyone folds to me I shove, villian has me just covered by 100 chips calls with A9 only to hit a boat.   How long can this go on.

Thoughts please.