I'm fairly new to poker, only starting in May-ish of this year.  I caught on pretty quick.

I started with play chips building a play money bank of like 10,000,000.  From there, I started playing freeroll tourneys that could possibly lead to a real cash prize.

In like August, after a small number of attempts (maybe 20), I grinded my way through the Daily 90k sattie and actually won a $55 ticket.

That's when i discovered PSO.  I figured if I can beat a field of 40,0000 runners then maybe I can build on that skill and make something happen.

Well, I didn't cash the $55 DNG, but I did get like top 25% (wish i knew then what i know now... prolly be a thousandaire)

Shortly after that, I won a PSO tournament... I clicked on "Cashier" and OMGZ I have $$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!
$2.50 (cashed a few psos as well)

Or should I say... i have 25 buy-ins to the $.10/360 turbo-donks... I started to play and lost almost $2 before I figured these out and started winning... not just cashing, but WINNING, 1st, 2nd, 3rd place finishes.  I also play $.25 90/45s... these are SOFT and can be easily beat... PSO aBc poker FTW with these.

My BR is like $60 now.... would be more but i take shots here and there on the next level

I stay active in PSO and learn every day... most my lessons come from LOSING hands

I've already met my goal of building my bank to $50 by new years

plus (hopefully a lock) for  $30 from PSO leaderboard and i get to share $20,000 with like a mirrion people from micromania.  Someone said they paid $8 last year... not bad

anyways, that's all fo now... post questions or comments... lots of people like to learn to beat those turbo donkaments... i suck at teaching but may have some tips