Hey kids!  

This is my first video blog.  Sometimes I'll write it.  Sometimes I'll record something.  I think I'm going to call it "I Am Not a Poker Player" because, well, I'm not a poker player.  It should be pretty funny to be able to see what it's like being a part of the poker scene from a real outsider.  I can't really "run" with this crowd - but I sure as hell try.  Which is where this first blog comes into play.   I was invited to a Hollywood Home Game at Hank Azaria's house (of the Simpsons and a million other movies and TV shows.).  The game's limits ($5/$5) are a little bigger than I'm used to, but I've also been around enough Hollywood Home Games to know that just because it's $5/$5 doesn't mean it plays that way.  I thought this would make a good video blog, so you can see and hear the nervousness in my voice, as I literally had to scrape the money together just to be able to hang with these guys.   More in the video...!