It’s the 8th of August and things are going well. I’m currently lying 232nd in the Open Skill League after playing 7 tournaments. I figure I’ll only need to acquire another 50 odd points to finish in the top 2000 this month. So basically, another solid couple of performances and I’m home and dry.
The next step up in cash ($1) is awarded to players who finish in the Top 500. To achieve this I’m gonna need to gain another 350 points by the end of the month. So far I’ve averaged 44 points per tournament which is very high and probably unsustainable. I’ve been playing well and running well but I know this streak can’t last indefinitely!
Realistically I think my average will eventually drop to around 25 points per tournament (if I’m lucky!). If I can maintain this average I’ll need to play another 15 or so tournaments to have a chance at the Top 500.
Basically I need to play one tournament a day to pull this off. It might be do-able, it might not. I’ll update you on my progress next week.
Stay tuned.