well Ive slowed down my PSO play, nope no kvetches  just trying different  things out to see if anything has percolated thru this old data storage device. i have been giving the warm ups a shot and taking A WHOLE lot of good natured ribbing from the members of my home game club.  I'VE got the bubble nailed!!!  5  seventh place finishes!!  and i think 3 8Th  ( I quit counting hand-grenade close calls).  I'D enter a warm up and my rail was bubble boy doing it again, talk about motivation. Well i worked on my end game  ( hum  not many to study unfortunately) so i started shadowing players i knew went deep regularly and as some one in forum suggested this does give insight into end game play!!!  I made the FT in another warm up  AND wait  fer it.......  I WON A TICKET to the warm up!!!  Patience and study can pay dividends!!!    NOW   can i repeat the process????  well lets see>> ( hope fully more bragging to come later)