It was at my third table of the 2100 tournament, this table was composed of experienced PSO players so i was relaxed but wary. i had no real concerns about paint-rag all ins, or pairs of 3s, etc. this was good serious poker, well shortly after the break i knew i would at least make points but for better points now anyone player would have to go deeper than just ITM. Well i only had about 1950 in chips and soon would lose any advantage of a preflop raise, when you a have a small stack its a given you'll push just about any reasonable hand, reasonable becoming looser and looser as chips diminish. so i wanted to make a move before i was too weak, patience paid off and i received Pocket QQ, not bad i raised a little more than half my stack. with these players an all in would have been a challenge, i wanted them to know that i was serious and with my reserve i could cause damage, not a pleasant prospect! of course i didn't get to steal any blinds, other player had Pocket AA well when he re- raised i knew this was it i needed a Q to come on the flop turn or river,   For all the kvetching about cracked AA,KK, nope we both had good hands, just his was slightly better. neither hand improved which of course meant another early night for me. But i can honestly state that Pocket AA can and do stand up. unfortunately they weren't mine!!