I've  been reading every thing i could find in the library, wow it goes back 3 to 4 years, watching all the videos i got from the forum, checking all the web sites  listed, and wow the forum can produce a ton! and in the process i lost track of an important fact. i don't do well in structured formats, cube work, assembly line, classrooms. but for on line poker you (I) really do need help. luckily it is readily available. However i forgot one very important facet, this wont come quickly or easily, no matter what shortcuts i attempt! My capability for grasping ideas cant keep up with the horrendous volume of information available. I was expecting instant success! in some ways i did achieve this, the validation that my core poker skills from payday/barracks/barroom,poker club, type games were still there but online is vastly different! FRUSTRATION its poker, i grew up playing this game, but (big but) with live people! online i do need pot odds, ev, etc. there are no physical tells involved! well i never slowed down, i do have a tendency to push at tasks until they are completed! Great trait in military, great as a construction supervisor beat the budget and the time line get a bonus. absolutely  horrible trait to bring to online poker!!

Well last night night i decided to give the skill league a shot and got beat by a  ?? free roller, club 10,000 member??. i Know they exist. however i overreacted, badly. threw mouse, tossed large cut glass crystal ashtray and thoroughly irritated the head of house. A older black cat by the name of Midnight she's upset, doesn't understand the hoorah, and at 12 years old wont tolerate these shenanigans from a mistake on her ancestors part in domesticating an untrainable bipedal wild animal. Yeah it took a couple of hours to get her to come out of her condo and get ear rubs and her beloved chin skritches!

so I'm going to try to relax a ;little more, still play poker, However i will take breaks. read some of my favorite authors, tease friends that the only way the Arlington dude ranchers are going to this super bowl is as distinguished guests. than i will try to study at a less demanding pace, after all  I'm supposed to be retired for good this time!! This is  supposed to be a hobby i want to improve at and make self sustaining, BUT not a third career!!

now to go get some albacore tuna that bribe always works!!