I've been surviving the recent influx of club 10,00 members, no great play just tight hard boring poker. do i have an absolute cat 1/2 hand, i know that out of five club members at least two if not more are going to panic and throw their chips in the pot, after all they play similar to low limit. if their not in the big pot they cant win. hand category be durned. knowing this and constantly playing with this is currently my biggest weakness. after watching an hour of this play, and trying to figure out WTF are they calling, raising,re-raising with it becomes obvious they aren't concerned with hand strength they want that pot!! well that's excellent for a start point and i manage to grab a few chips the old fashioned way, ONLY play strong made hands in these situations!!! then Pavlov's theorem strikes, i receive a medium hand (pkt pair (7/7) flop lays to a straight draw of course ill follow the blind leading the blind, instead of recognizing the fallacy of chasing the straight i happily put my chips and my tourney in the pot. same story same ending 2 mins. before first break.not even a bad beat, I KNOW these players, have noted quite a few WILL chase to river no matter what. well this puts it squarely on my back I'm aware of the extreme looseness (silliness) of play and i went along. ONLY cat 1/2 hands and if more than 1 club 10,000 jumps FOLD!! even pocket AA only have two outs and against 2 or more players with such a wide range of openers ant two will do, there will be two p[air,there will be miracle flushes,there will be how the ?? did a full house come out of that mess. so while I'm aware of some of the advanced game play (small ball,blind snatching etc) those i can practice while developing my constancy BUT until i can control the knee jerk reaction, WOW what a hand i still need to practice patience,evaluation,and PATIENCE!! consistency will come but I'm going to have to give it a reasonable chance to survive.