Well i got tired of always playing duck and hide. So Ive been playing by the book. AA, KK, raise re-raise just to check the stats, in a real game i think these hands would hold up. Ive been playing PLO H/L, and micro  NLHE to build up my VPPs, surprise my bankroll is up, not much, but up. i only play the premium hands and it pays dividends. Meanwhile Ive been knocked out of at least 6 PSO's with same hands, same kvetch, AA, KK, AKs wont stand up. Experiment over. If i play PSO's i have to play "dance like a butterfly sting like a bee" ALWAYS KEEPING IN MIND THERE ARE TWO VERY DIFFERENT scenario's happening. In the cash games, even micros the idjiots are quickly sent back to the bank or home. In the PSO's they just wait out the next freeroll. There are no consequences for poor/bad play so Its UP TO ME TO ADJUST. not them!!! Well enough of stubborn is as stubborn does, ill try to at least salvage Jan from the dumpster i stuck it in and hopefully do better come Feb.    LOL