1 prime example is the series on playing with maniacs. I usually re-read or at least browse this lesson once every 10-16 tourneys. Couldn't say why i think it's applicable to PSO tourneys, but i have been doing better at escaping the first three rounds relatively intact.

Then I promptly forgot the first paragraph! If a maniac changes between pre-flop and post flop...HE HIT A GOOD HAND! I allowed my self to become complacent and knew this player went after paint-rags,looking for two pair or 1 pair w/kicker. I had QQ in hole get raise call, pretty standard mayhem betting for second round. flop was Q 7 K trips never considered that paint-rag might finally have a real hand. Well i was given the opportunity to re-read THAT Lesson.  Big Big hint don't just read the lessons LEARN from them. The Player didn"t have a Paint-Rag hand this time He HAD KK and i never considered the possibility of a maniac having a real hand.  It can happen!  (just surprised he knew what he was holding) !!
  Oh well the saying is a lesson learned....I forgot to apply same,    GL til NXT TBL