well ship has been leaking , so redesigned as submarine start surfacing later and take less damage, Well i enter the 12 noon tourney knowing its going to have to be run silent run deep, survive,survive, SURVIVE!we're cruising the depths avoiding depth bombs like crazy ALL-INS) all around. Noticed why navigation lights underwater. (prev notes) all around me. two of Any rag  Ahabs, One Blind Betty, Two Roulette Ralphs, the two sitting out were mid tier ranks, and cant say i blame them. the competition managed to eliminate one of the Ralphs however he got replaced with any Two Shoes Sarah. So i know I'm in for a long first round! en the strangest thing occurs!! I'm in the Big Blind (not normally good to me) and receive AA, oh fudge brownies this wont be good!! Weird there's only One min. raise with three callers. Not saying I'm paranoid but no way I'm raising yet so i call. First mate yells were receiving Air Support! The flop, normally a killer for AA comes out swinging AQA rainbow. This naturally makes me very happy and i know that ill just get what ever is in the pot. Wrong Both Any Rags had a Queen bet and raise Ralph folds Sarah raises??? I'm just a little confused now, What the (Wirty Dord) did i miss? double check dearly for royal flush to sneak in, not totally impossible yet but;;; I just call. river comes up 9 spades no help, i figure no, everyone will check ill bet all fold,Right. WRONG!! For every time I've expressed extreme frustration with crazies chasing to the river, now i love them, both A-Habs bet All In Sarah calls (250 chips left) so i re-raise, surprise Sarah calls. three in one yippee, revenge and they all show their hands, i guess to prove they had a hand???  So AA are not pocket rockets, They are ANTI ATTACK missiles!!! that one hand gave me enough chips not only for ITM but a 107 finish out of 1546. Oh there were other good hands added a little hear and there but that one hand OOOOhhh  La LA!!   Its All in the Name.! From now on AA means Anti Attack weapon!!!