got to try to remember cant push get Lucky's off, not bad play going to call call call. KK, against any 2 player ruff, wont push and i noted any 2 looking for pairs, durn, don't have answer, cant not play wont ever finish. probably impossible task just accept that its going to happen move on. (but wirdy dords) i needed those points.

OK calmed down made sammich log is log: i UTG 25/50 push 400 (was bet 2 large?) table folds to 1st  player before the button. player calls, rags and rainbow on flop. player checks i push 400 more player calls? maybe should have slowed down but now pot committed. turn another rag no pairs on board all-in, player calls, shows 1 pair 7s so OK, river delivers 2ND pair to player, his rag 2 pair defeats KK.  i don't think anything would have helped some players will always ride to the river for hand, if that player even knew what to expect. so accept that was poker! not happy but cant change, don't believe i played badly if opposing player believes in luck hope stats live up!