afternoon tourney, about average not bad not spectacular just steady. moved to what was to be last table. but Great fun (lots of dogs and dawgs,has to be good table) my good fortune to again land in middle of top tier players. I like when this happens always learn ,no silly plays, see good play learn, learn. 1 sore thumb in bunch, finally got invited to leave table, made comment that i noted always pushed paint-rag i wanted to catch but not fast enough, basically whole table did. well running out of chips will get some points but no chance for itm, probably 10 hands short. looking for 2 decent cards try to beat blinds (yep really short stacked) maybe get 1/2 hands closer to itm, (need points badly) person next to dealer goes out. DURN now choice is lost blinds skipped to me.I look and see K-2 not even watching table, i know I'm leaving, when the LADY (you know who i mean) chuckles, I'm chatting gg,gl good table, look up and I'm still in. ????? Wa Da miracle?    LADY giggling in background, K was lonely so she PAIRS MY 2 TO GIVE HIM COMPANY!!  A pair of deuces and I'm not only still in but an outside chance at ITM, Wow. Lots of cheeky compliments on hand choice, i think whole table was enjoying a laugh. The Funny you ask??  sore thumb went out with K-rag i got a reprieve with....Guess  K-rag the Lady has a sense of humor bless her!!!       great table, great chat, only missed ITM by 2 peeps,(dat close)               Love that Lady