wish puter wasn't so slow would like table history for chat.

 good table,good players, another new player chat with me, well got general about game and league, check forum, etc. yes he found this am, but confusing, cant give advice there i just scroll hoping to find topic, hard to sort info by titles.    but while chatting weird thing, he asking me addy, (?)  durn sure not close to expert but I'll give my best.  i don't like to chase the river because it always flows and not often my way. need to stay aware of sets versus trips, had a few oopsies there, tourney is a marathon not a sprint AK great opener but if i see a  lousy flop run don't depend on river, might dry up.there's always 9 players in every hand at start so patience make sure i have good starting hand not i wish,   i think i actually helped my self (?) verbalize my weak areas, cant claim i helped other player but there's my problem areas always had in subconscious never thought out. so i probably helped my self more than him  so i need try to remember salient points, write down put right next to monitor.. hey dummy slow down and think cant hurt, gots to help!!!!
oops forgot to reset power setting screen went black, panic attack, which wrong button this time?? oh well lost train of thought but will contemplate.