right at the bubble last tourney at a tough table but good more than a few of top 100 sitting. 1 problem player but eventually got taken care of, i commented i wanted those chips and pretty much whole table agreed. plyr always overbid openers any time had A- rag didn't matter, call to river lose or win. well right before bubble changed table. again recognized avatars of several ranked players. actually sigh relief, probably no silly play this close to bubble and there wasn't. shortly after a couple of players were chatting w/observer another good player, good plays, i knew that if i wanted to go deeper i needed more chips, (down to approx. 4560). player opens with medium bet, good player not many more chips, so has to have good  but not great hand, i got pocket KK i figured he has at least A- rag or small pair, needs flop so i say all in. yes he had A-rag, OK 50/50 coin toss. lots of flops don't even get paint. yes he got his Ace, well i didn't think bad play, didn't think bad beat that's poker, HOWEVER last comment in chat was well duh.  RUDE, not good try wow good cards,.  i don't think honestly that the opener was to happy to see KK and him w/A-rag until after the  flop he was probably thinking oops. been there. to see well duh from long time member of league in chat was last thing i expected!!

A Very disappointing ending to a otherwise fairly good night!