interesting 1st tourney, one of those if it had been old boys night i would've laid down chair and kibitzed @ bar duties, couldn't get kissing cousins let alone next door neighbors, but its a tourney so hang in. blinds getting so bad got a side bet how ugly can they get, well at least I'm sure i know how razz was invented cant even talk about the beech tree in backyard, no donkeys escaped from the barn, i just forgot to tell dealer that the 5Th chair was occupied so he was using that spot for the muck pile, other players should thank me there was a lot of stinky stuff in that pile. well its happened before probably will happen again so getting frustrated wont help. always some thing humorous in there some where, some days just have to look harder.

2ND tourney going great well ahead lets get out canoe and cane pole wait for bubble.  so I'm there sitting  @ and relaxing on the bank getting close to the time to get serious about fishing, and along comes a lady in waiting with an escort going to a party i guess they even were wearing identical outfits! well this could be just the right time to get a little bit extra catching to go to  the after bubble dance with! well i indicate that under the proper circumstances i would assist them across the river, whilst we were negotiating this other good ole tries to to horn in on my bzns, HUMPH see this, well he settles down and  lady says what about my  other two girlfriends? sure enough right around the bend come 2 more very attractive ladies in waiting, well if this isn't going to a GREAT day?! i throw out a reasonable price to help them cross that river and sure nuff good ole boy wants to outbid the services offered. well sirrah hows this, we finally settle on a an agreement let the ladies choose. well the one says who's strongest?  Showoffs proceed to show off durn he cheated other 2 brothers hiding down river (catch that word?) pop up, well didn't get to escort the ladies, didn't get to pop the bubbly and have no right to complain. but 1 heck of a fishing trip!!!

1st fishman  10d Qd
2nd fishman (unk)
1st group vistors   Q3Q
4th vistor           6
last vistor          K
last of negotiations  (allin)
ole boy buttinski        KK

well like i said 1 heck of a trip!!