i have the problem solved !! i speak and understand uh wat da dbl hockey sticks. i will be self analytical and claim i can at least play poker. trying to explain to others what i don't comprehend about the intricacies  of on line play/game selection is my short coming. the best answer i've received was a honest flat out i dont understand you. tried explaing not about opening hands, but where to find appropriate games to fit my bank. (banker already locked both doors and turned off phones) a lot of members have tried to answer my questions but few understand  I DONT really know which question to ask first ,seagull ya tried i hit boop machine hard still says wrong process  if any of you can interpret i tried sites i found in forum, (confused the auto respond) how the (DBL HCKY STCKS) do i interpret xxchris/seagull/jt/ 02/04  c if you don't explain  preferably in american slang. what we aren't talking about.  i think i fit the category, small bankroll want to increase which formats would be best. tried the 5 dollar bankroll bldg site not sure who confused who the worst. I'm not asking poker question specifically which may be my part of the problem, how do i access this information? which clicky thingy is hiding poor bo poker, when is it safe to guesstimate increase in buy in level.  i already know 2/7 off very most bestest hand (i learned pay day poker a Loooong time ago) (( ok 1 small tongue in cheek)) I'm perfectly willing to ask for interpretations of newtons laws. what goes up must come down; every reaction has an equal and opposite action. presumptuous of me but if you cant learn .. well