well i was unable to play the 2100 tourney other plyrs in 1900 refused to concede and took until 2315 hrs to ...oops. no not bad beat AKs flop K rag rag , got reraised didnt think 2 prs. so goes knowing all the answers. think i got good pnts!!  found the answer to my yoyo partner,   got him a box lined w/felt @cotton let him sleep. cant hear wow i WON that hand, math ha!! buy a box for your yoyo to nap in. well how else do you think i had 2 good finishes in 1 day? dont fight the yoyo  be the .... oh hockey sticks, kept temper,practiced patience, silly **** does work, larnin me yup. 2 in 1, ha taint no golfer wats gon top that!!
yeh i know, ego/  this is my parade!!!!    thnx 1st to my annom. (spell checker quit) benefactors, gave me the get up and go. 2nd 2 PSO i can play poker but there does exis a vast difference between ones own reality and the common consenus. at least now when my freinds claim i always win i can prove i dont. (maybe next time they'll bring money).  well small ego 1 day lets dance!!