still trying to finish on upswing, cant figure out L.B. posts. tried forum wow does work i received a translatable  answer, still dont know if finally broke thru to 1800 but didnt lose temper 9am tourney, got ITM (e-Mail said so) so hope i did it. and yes adams invented cross dimensional space and time dislocation ha.  but for now...yesterdays tourney i've got a up movement. long trip lots of missteps, but staying closer to a road well traveled prior to my adventures w/ d878m im right to well mayhaps theres something to learn here. the learning is helping thnx.

                                                               WELL,many thanx to:MBeecouk/joker41673 @ rest.
                 i asked to a compicated question and there was a simplified method to compensate for tourney posts. i finished ITM but slow pokes are/were still arguring whos on first, so results couldnt be forth coming. (1 of those well duh obvious moments) but there does exist a reasonable formula to see if mayhaps got a plus,.   wow whooppee timely answers! by the formula i broke 1800 1st month. unregestered from 1400 tourney, greed i want too see my name in 1800 catagory, and me and my yoyo can mess it up later. so will prob wait for 1630 or 1900 to play. small goal but my acheivment. glory fans cheering ok little delusional but right now im happy!!!!!!! THANKS PSO THIS WORKS