ok i usually yo yo. but can make points at 7 pm game, 1 problem is that i then watch late night sports. that intern runs down ladder gives me green arrow @ then after 9pm game has 2 run back down ladder and change the ink to black! With that upside down arrow!! So i got him, tonight i waited till 9pm  got to 2nd break, and then challenged for pot. well good try but made final table.  That intern is running down that ladder and i dun snuck past! HA now he has to use green ink ...(at least till next game)  oh please ask intern to turn  arrow other way, if only for 1 day. wasnt easy.  but fun!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                           GREEN INK ARROW    plse

                                                                                               J. Dawg 57

well intern changed ink on me , but at least only short fall this time