Achieved minor status as active (4 Jan), didnt know also meant bronze star; but so summary tells me. In the process i actually added a little to my starting bankroll! I can now afford TWO cups of coffee!! So I'm feeling lazy no hard game i'll try new. SNG for tckt 4 &pm (Dallas) time free game. HERES B I N G O. I'm thinking this is really weird 4 all ins 1st hand????  i've got 5/6o fold. best hand no story pair of 8s / 4 allins winner is pair 8s?? Well luck, dumb attack, whatever get ticket to 7pm. Says league type game w/prize pool! I've stumbled on decent game.   Whoa early assumptions are almost always incorrect! YAEPPIRS bingo contest from the start. 3/3 4/9 you guess get proved wrong. Well this school DOES work, kept temper,followed patience, received a few good starting hands.   ended up making 27 cents whee. The point however is, Against that many should not even got that far. THIS School may not have perfect, attendees, (BINGO's) but there are a lot of good lessons and people in here i'll keep working to get better and for all the rest getting discouraged.. look at my board lots of ups and downs. kept at it and other players were willing to encourage and help! This system will help you help your self. nuff said.  BIG THNX to the two bronzes that helped me.   J Dawg 57 ( real nickname from foreman days)