I started playing online poker 12 years ago, on a site (still going) that had 90 players on their books....It was easy then...I thought.
I won a bit and did ok....but as the site grew over a few months I still thought I could do ok....but in actuality I started losing....but I was the bees knees...wasn't I??  Nope.

12 years on, finally I have found a site i can now respect myself with.....the poker schooling and tips and site set up, with low buy in tourneys, freerolls for depositors, etc is the best now on the market. I've tried them all, all the sites you can name and some of those you can't.

For a beginner, join pokerstars and learn...use everything and learn. I use a starting hands guide from a site we all know and it has helped too, providing you follow it (maybe with a bit of disgression or your gut.....)!!!

I have ambitions, I'm not rich, I'm NOT looking for any kudos from this post.....It's what I believe after 12 years of being a donk....I may just get somewhere.....

The post is here to make me remember.

Good luck any beginners that read it.....