I haven't posted in awhile so i thought I would post an update. I gave up on the pokerschoool online tournaments as they are too much of a donkfest. Also took a break from playing cash games, as I was working to integrate playing more hands into my game, so I decided to focus on SNG's for a bit. For the month of August I entered 42 SNG tournaments with a total entry fee of $12.80, and out of that I cashed in 20 of them and got back $40 in prizes from that, so a $27.20 return on investment for the month.. Very Nice!!! already done 8 so far for september ( i play 4 at a time), and out of those I have cashed in 5 for $10 profit. Will continue to build my bankroll, and then move up from the .25 90 player tournaments to the 1.10 knockouts.