Another day.. early hands of TPTK, and TPMK bring in small pots. Just picked up a huge pot limped in late with pocket 3's.. flop comes 3, 9, K with 2 clubs.. make a .10 bet into a pot of .15, 1 caller. Next card is A of hearts, i make a pot sized bet of .34, and get reraised to .70, i think about it for a few minutes, and then reraise him to 2.10, and he calls.. last card is 2 of hearts... not a concerning card.. i shove for my last 2.68, and he calls with k,10o.. a nice 9.46 pot. Another big pot, 3 players, button raises to .15, i have KK in SB, i make it .45, BB folds, and button shoves.. I call. Button has K,Q off, nothing scary on flop, turn gives him gutshot, but kings hold up for 6.53 dropped some on 10's vs KK where i was second best on board and stayed in longer than i should have. cards went south, ended up putting my winning back in, down maybe .50