So I did the first PSO freeroll today, really didnt seem any different than regular free rolls except less people.. still had people shoving it in with crap, think I played fine, but in the end got sucked out on. Blinds are sitting at 50/100, UTG +2 raises it to 300, seat 5 calls, I have QQ in the cutoff with about 2k in my pot. I'm supposed to raise 4x here which would put it at 1200, but also if im betting more than 1/3rd of my stack I should be shoving which I did. Initial raiser folds, caller at 5 position calls my shove, cost him 1700 more in a pot of 2750. He has k,10o (71/29 my favor), bad call on his part, didnt have pot odds and had a crap hand for his position but he gets lucky hits a K on flop, and then another on the turn and i'm done.