Yesterday I played a $.25 tourney and, three off the bubble, I tripped up my pocket pair with no chance of a straight on the board.  Another guy went all in, so I called him.  He had pocket tens.  Turn and river are runner runner and the other guy catches a one-carded flush.  Great...  I'm out staring at the bubble.

Followed this up with a rookie division game.  With about half the field eliminated I had a high two pair on the flop and no chance of a straight on the board.  Again.  The other guy goes all in, I call, have him easily beat with his mid-pair... until runner, runner, and he gets a one-carded flush just like the last tourney.  Fantastic!  I'm out.

I immediately followed this with another $.25 tourney.  I was ranked about #8 overall when I flopped a full house and nobody was betting particularly hard.  Played it through with about double BB bets of me being the initial better and one other calling me like he'd fold if I bet any harder.  Finally on the river the other guy made a minimum bet.  Okay, weird.  I doubled him, then he doubled me.  I called and he had four of a kind.  That dropped me down to last place in chips.  13th place.  The bubble was 12.  I buckle down for hand-for-hand play, and the field makes it clear that no one else will budge until I'm blinded out!  I hit the big blind without much left and decide to go all in with A 10.  I catch an Ace-10 straight that would have trippled me up... until the other guy gets a full house.  I'm out, last place before the money.

Am I done with this?

UPDATE:  Two tourneys later, and no, it's not over.  I'm being plagued by enemy flushes.