First off, a big thanks to Tizmouk and AADooper for commenting on my last blog posting to help me rethink my suggestion.  Here's a MUCH better suggestion for PSO Admin if they're willing to consider adding another ranking list to their current monthly ranking list...

The problem I have with the monthly ranking is that players who can put in multiple tournaments per day throughout the month have a ranking advantage over players who don't have the luxury of putting in that many hours.  I'm not saying that they don't deserve to win the monthly prizes--they've certainly earned it!!!--but for somebody like me who just wants to see how they rank against others in terms of skill (not play frequency), it causes a problem.

For those who have taken college statistics courses, you may recall that a sample size of 30 is considered the minimum set for quality data.  Bearing that in mind, perhaps the PSO could run a second ranking list based off of everybody's last 30 games (or 50 games-- whatever, just a consistent number for everybody) which would allow us all to see how we rank against everybody else based off a set and consistent number of games.  

[Just to clarify, what I'm suggesting is that the list would have no end date.  Rather, you would be added to the ranking once you hit 30 games.  When you play game #31, your first game would fall off the list so only the most recent 30 would count.]

Again, I'm not suggesting that this second ranking list be for a paying amount, but rather just for informative purposes.  This is important, because the PSO is a school, working to help us become better players.

As last time I invite others to post a comment to give me your input (you think this is a good idea or I'm a messing with a system that's not broken) or offer suggestions for improvment.

Best to all,