While it's fine and dandy to sit down at the table with the 100% intention of winning, that won't happen every game.  My goal is to consistently finish in the top 3-5% of each tournament that I take seriously.  ie, Freeroll Shootout SNG's, etc., need not apply, and I'm not counting games that I'm playing in front of the TV with the kid running around like a happy lunatic.  For games that have my (relatively) undivided attention, I've been pleased with my ability to place within my goal window, although I need to improve my consistency.  My biggest failing is not being patient at the start and getting taken out too early.

I'm curious if anybody else has similar goals with regards to longterm placement?

Beyond that, I'm still avoiding the PSO tournaments due to a headcold that refuses to exit my body.  Played the $500 Freeroll last night and won a Senior Division ticket.  Tournament ended at 360th place but I was actually at something like 180 overall (out of 10,000) so I feel pretty good about making my goal window, especially with the headcold.