Well played two games today..and made payout in both of them. I dont want to jinx it or anything but im SO happy to finally get out of the 1890s hole i was it.... I kept going from 1890 down to 1860s then back up...I gained no ground in 2 days...so to finally get over that hump..is refreshing. 
Im not sure what to think of my competition so far... Some seem very consistant and could def pose a problem to another title run this month... 
Heres a  quick list of who im worried about and who to look out for this month to be battling at the end for this months winner.

Freddy Dub1

I cant really forsee anyone else making a run to beat me except these few...NOW i could be very wrong and someone might come out of nowhere to take it...but these 5 are pretty solid players...

I think maybe after this month and hopefully another top 3 finish....i'll b all time best in PSO? ehhh wishful thinking but we'll see